Basic & Basic Flow

Basic classes incorporate the essential asana of hatha yoga and help build flexibility, balance, and concentration. They teach the fundamentals of yoga; the movements, the breath, and body awareness. The pace is relaxed, allowing time to connect with the body/breath and release physical and mental tension. Some of these classes have a specific focus:

Gentle Basic Yoga:  
This is the easiest entry for those with no prior yoga experience. A slow pace allows learning and the movement from floor to standing is minimal. Small and simple movements build body-awareness and flexibility while reducing stress. 

Basic Yoga with Meditation: 
Basic, flowing asana and breath/body coordinations will prepare the body and mind for a period of seated meditation to end the evening.

Chair Yoga: 
Poses are practiced seated on a chair or with the support of a chair.  Designed for those with difficulty moving from the floor to standing.  

All of the Basic Classes are great starting points for those developing their practice and good for the more-practiced seeking some stillness. We are happy to offer modifications and props to help every student make their practice satisfying and worthwhile.

Yin Yoga

A quiet, seated practice of stretches held for 3 or more minutes to create healthy connective tissue (tendons & ligaments) around the joints. A perfect complement to more active practices. Props are offered to assist your release in the stretch.
Good for new students, athletes, or anyone working to free patterns of tightness in stiff joints.

Yoga/Pilates Fusion

A combination of the core strengthening and principles of mat Pilates with the centering and flow of yoga.
Good for all.

We do not set levels. Physically active or challenged? Seeking a fitness boost or a release of tension? These are things we think each of us knows best about ourselves. But our teachers are ready to help everyone find steadiness and ease in every class.  

That said, the following classes are stronger and the room will be warm for maximum muscle flexibility.

Sun/Moon Flow

We'll begin with the warmth of Slow Burn Vinyasa, add a little high-intensity Yoga Shred, and then cool it down slowly with long-held yin or restorative poses. The sun brings heat and light, the moon for quiet stillness. Some yoga experience may be helpful.

Yoga Shred Inspired

A practice combining High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with Yoga, inspired by Sadie Nardini.  The short, intense bursts of activity of HIIT, will optimize cardio, raise your metabolism, burn calories and fat, and build muscle. Yoga will assure safe alignment for joints, as well as, the balance, flexibility, and holistic well-being you expect. Good for those who want great fitness benefits. Some yoga experience will be helpful.

Ashtanga Mix

Ashtanga is a traditional practice with a set progressive sequence for body/mind healing.  The practice combines the cardio/heat of Sun Salutations with 5 breath holds of all the standing poses. Ashtanga Mix is a short-form version that introduces and plays with the poses of the primary series.
Some yoga experience is helpful.                                                                                                

Slow Burn Vinyasa

Completely guided by the teacher, you’ll be encouraged to combine moving through and holding poses. Designed to let the breath move your body and mind to a focused balance and enhance the feeling of connection between them.  
Some yoga experience is helpful.


A practice designed to build balanced, flexible strength and endurance in both body and mind. Plenty of movement, challenge and internal fire. Upbeat music. Yoga experience is very helpful. Good for the physically active, those interested in yoga’s fitness benefits, or those who want to go deep into both the body and mind.