Saturday, April 27th,1-2:30pm $20

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There are things we just don’t talk about except with our BFF, right? And the pelvic floor, or mula bandha in yogic terms, is one of them. Studies show that about 25% of women suffer with some form of pelvic floor disorder: painful intercourse, urinary incontinence or frequency, irritable bowel, maybe even some low-back pain. Too-tight or too-weak pelvic floor muscles may be the culprit, but we may have gotten no information or misinformation along the way.

Those pelvic floor muscles are our root, supporting our reproductive organs as well as our bladder. We want them strong & supple through childbearing & aging. Trust yoga to have answers for these important muscles—-answers that can help improve our lives as women.

Pattie McCann ERYT will lead the girl talk & then we’ll put it into an asana practice. When you learn the subtleties of what you need, you can create a supple, strong pelvic floor along with everything else. And no one will know but you!

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