YOGA NIDRA w/Pattie Nov 30th, 7:15-8:45pm $15

Nidra means sleep, but yoga nidra isn’t really sleep. Relaxing for an hour in the sweet spot between being asleep or awake, guided by a quiet voice, yoga nidra is one of the most effortless ways to reach a meditative state. Yoga Nidra can take you on a deep and quiet journey inside your own psyche and deeply release mental, physical and emotional tension as it does.

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Everyone is welcome and no experience is required. There will be a short, gentle posture practice to prepare the body. Remember your goal is to stay awake, hovering on the edge of sleep, so best to come well rested if you can. You want to be comfortable and you’ll be stretched out on the floor for an hour. So bring extra padding, a camp mat, foam exercise mat, or quilt and maybe your favorite pillow. Yoga mats aren’t generally enough, so be prepared.

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