PRENATAL YOGA: A 6 Week Preparation Saturdays, Oct 20-Dec 1, 12pm

Moms-to-be can practice in any yoga class with just a few adjustments. But there is something special about a class tailored to support expectant moms both physically & emotionally. Joining with a group of women in the midst of the experience makes it even better. Prenatal yoga emphasizes breathing, stamina, pelvic floor work & restorative poses. And that can help you feel your best during your pregnancy, prepare you for delivering, & assist your resilience after delivery.

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Dawn Young ERYT, a certified prenatal yoga teacher, will offer a 6 week session of prenatal yoga classes at Strongheart this fall. Classes will meet Saturdays at noon beginning October 20 & ending December 1 (no class Thanksgiving weekend). The cost for the six week session is $75.

Register here. A minimum # of participants is required, but we will make a full refund if the class is cancelled. We cannot however offer discounts for absences.

MOVIE NIGHT @ STRONGHEART! October 26 7:15pm

little buddha.jpg

Little Buddha

w/Keanu Reeves

Let’s get comfortable on our blankets & bolsters, pass around our snacks, & watch a movie together. This is the story of a lama seeking the reincarnation of his teacher in 3 children, one from Seattle, one from Kathmandu, one from India. They all travel to Bhutan to test which is the true incarnation. Interwoven in the story, is the story of Siddhartha, later known as Buddha, tracing his spiritual journey from ignorance to enlightenment, played by the young Keanu Reeves. Movie night is FREE, just bring some popcorn!

Restorative Yoga w/Dawn Young ERYT Friday, Nov 2 7:15pm $15

Restorative Yoga unwinds you deeply in mind & body. As bolsters, blankets & props support you in resting poses, your nervous system gets a chance to release all the tension you aren’t even aware you’re holding. Great for your heart, blood pressure, blood sugar, & your busy brain. Come and take a time-out to restore yourself.

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Space & props are limited so save your space. REGISTER NOW.