Make any donation you can or just come practice with us as we open our hearts to help women and children who need a helping hand right now.


“Domestic violence and sexual assault rob an individual of their sense of safety, power, and dignity. Turning Point provides emergency and support services to meet both the immediate and long-term needs of survivors of domestic and sexual violence. We strive to provide a safe non-judgmental place for survivors to explore their feelings and options, and regain control of their lives.” Turning Point

Everyone is welcome! We’ll accept donations at the studio anytime during the week. All the proceeds will go to Turning Point Macomb as they do their good work. Your donation of cash or gift cards to Meijer, Krogers, or Visa can help them respond to the needs of the moment.

AYURVEDA: THE SCIENCE of LIFE Sunday, February 10 1-2:30pm $15


“Ayurveda originated in India more than 5,000 years ago and is the oldest continuously practiced  health-care system in the world. It teaches that because the universe is comprised of the five elements---ether (space), air, fire, water, and earth---and so are humans, we are all governed by the same laws of nature. When we flow with the daily and seasonal rhythms that nature provides, then we can maintain balance.”          ~Kripalu

The goal of Ayurveda is to help us understand our own qualities in relation to the qualities of the greater world, enabling us to attain optimal health in a natural way. We’ll ask ourselves some questions to learn our own Ayurvedic constitution. With that knowledge, we’ll examine how our diet, routines, and asana practice can support us---creating harmony and balance in our system, or throw us off-kilter creating dis-ease (literally a lack of ease in the body.)

No asana practice and everyone is welcome.

CANDLELIGHT & SINGING BOWLS w/Pattie & Jenny Em Friday, February 15th 7:15pm $20


Sound has healing properties for our body, mind, & spirit. Mantra, chanting, and toning have been part of spiritual practices for thousands of years because their power is recognized. Now Western science is agreeing. Every atom & cell in us absorbs & emits sound. Our body & relaxed brain vibrate at a fundamental frequency that matches the basic field of the earth. And it heals!

Pattie will lead a flowing practice by candlelight and the lovely Jenny Medina will bring her beautiful crystal bowls to accompany us with other-worldly music. Bathing ourselves in movement and sound, we can bring healing and inner peace to a mid-winter evening. Practice will be easy, suitable for all, & we’ll close with seated meditation as the bowls sing.


VINYASA KRAMA: The Art & Science of Yoga Sequencing Sunday, February 24th 11am -5pm $88


Every yoga practice should flow like a good story, with a beginning, middle, and end that take the class to a new & different awareness, experience, or ability.”  ~Maty Ezraty

FOR TEACHERS. Knowing both the physical & energetic goal of your classes, and thinking in simple parts, can help you create effective, harmonious, & beautiful classes. Get new ideas about bringing together peak poses, counterposes, mood  & more. And learn to use a modular approach that will help you put together satisfying classes even on the fly. We’ll use some aids to make it more fun to learn. And upon completion participants will receive a certificate for 6.0 Continuing Education Credits with Yoga Alliance.

The teacher for this course is Pattie McCann, ERYT & YACEP. Pattie is a senior teacher with over 20 years of practice and 13 years of teaching experience, the last 8 as the owner & a primary teacher at Strongheart Yoga.



A NEW 6 WEEK SESSION will begin on January 5th and continue on Saturdays at noon until February 9th.
Moms-to-be can practice in any yoga class with just a few adjustments. But there is something special about a class tailored to support expectant moms both physically & emotionally. Prenatal yoga emphasizes breathing, stamina, pelvic floor work & restorative poses. And that can help you feel your best during your pregnancy, prepare you for delivering, & assist your resilience after delivery. As well as giving you a supportive community on the journey.

prenatal october.jpg

Dawn Young ERYT, a certified prenatal yoga teacher, will offer a new 6 week session of prenatal yoga classes at Strongheart, immediately after the current session ends on December 1st. Dates for the new session are: Jan 5, 12, 19, 26, Feb 2, 9. Classes will again meet on Saturdays at noon The cost for a six week session is $75.

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